Durbar Hall

Adorned with French Stucco ornamentation, the magnificent Durbar Hall crowned by a lofty dome of 24.5mt is the main attraction of the palace. Here a large crystal chandelier of exquisite workmanship in a brass frame having ninety six lamps is suspended in the centre for illumination. The splendor of the room has been revived by the display of the Royal Silver Throne, resting on animal paws stands, bedecked with figure of Ganga-Jamuna engraved over it. Two moulded silver lion figures are fitted in front of both the arms and two more lion faces are also present in both sides of the profusely decorated back-rest, topped by a crown. Below the crown a radiating star encircled by floral scroll is noticeable. The throne is placed over a rectangular, four legged marble platform / takhat or chowki decorated with beautiful lattice works on its railings.