Armoury Wing A

The history of Murshidabad is linked with many battles, hence the museum houses an array of warfare objects that displayed in the Armoury Wing A and B. These include match locked and flint locked muzzle loading guns, single barreled, double barreled, triple barreled, six barreled pistol, single, double, and six chambered pistol, five chambered revolver, pistol with safety cap, silver ornamented muzzle loading pistol, breech loading single and double barreled gun, rifle, four and seven barreled musket, bayonet, bugle, spear, different category of sword (Persian, English, German), Iron-stick, lance, axe, bow and arrow, dagger, sheath for dagger, jamadhara, brass / boat cannons, khurki, knife, rhino-shield, mahalas or iron pieces for tusks of fighting elephants etc.